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June 4th, 2018

“Good Company” at The Rainbow Rooms

In this age of overwhelming choice, numerous attractions and distractions are constantly vying for our attention. Here at The Rainbow Rooms, the aim is to keep everything as simple as possible. The luxury rooms at the top of a 300-year-old building in the heart of Marlow, are always an oasis of calm where the relaxing scent of pure essential oils gently flows through this quiet little haven.

Everything offered at The Rainbow Rooms has the sincere aim of feeding and nurturing the body, mind and soul. The aim is to provide clients with the tools and resources they need in order to find their inner confidence and put self-care higher up their list of priorities, by empowering them to help themselves. The Rainbow Rooms are founded on the ethos that “Good Company” is everywhere, in the activities we do, books that we read, people we interact with and the more of this positivity we accept into our lives the better.

The Rainbow Rooms opened in 2017, but the concept and fundamental ethos of “Good Company” had been developing in my mind for many years. I’ve always had an interest in energy and in particular our subtle body energy. During my work as a paediatric nurse, I often felt that whilst of course there are amazing life-saving medicines available to treat a whole host of illnesses and conditions, perhaps they weren’t always the whole solution. I left my nursing career to raise my family and like Mums often do I always put the children first and forgot about the importance and need to also take care of myself.

I was reminded of this importance one day and so I decided to try a Reiki treatment. I was amazed by how I felt after the treatment and the sense of deep relaxation and peace it gave me. After just one session, I knew it was something I wanted to learn more about. I felt that if someone else could only feel half of what I had just experienced then that would be amazing. I trained as a Reiki Master and during my training I also discovered that I had a real interest in essential oils and their ability to impact energy and a person’s wellbeing.

So, the idea was formed, I discovered the tranquil and peaceful rooms relatively easily, in fact everything just seemed to align and slot into place nicely, as if it was being guided along; The Rainbow Rooms were born. 


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June 18th, 2018

AromaTouch Technique

If you have ever met me in person, you will know that I am incredibly passionate about pure essential oils and the amazing benefits they can bring. One way in which I am privileged to be able to share this passion and excitement with others, is through the AromaTouch Technique treatment.

A question I am often asked is - What is the AromaTouch Technique?

So, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you what it is and why I am so impassioned about AromaTouch and dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

AromaTouch Technique was developed by Dr David Hill D.C., a leading expert in Integrative medicine and the therapeutic application of essential oils and the oils have been carefully selected for both their individual and combined benefits, that can support the many physical systems of the body.  The emotional benefits of the treatment will be discussed another time.    

The specific oils used are discussed during the consultation prior to the treatment, but very briefly they consist of Balance Blend - to help ground you; Lavender - to help relax you; Melaleuca - to help cleanse; On Guard Blend - for an immunity boost; AromaTouch Blend - for warming and relaxing muscles; Deep Blue Blend - for reducing inflammation and reducing pain; Wild Orange - for calming and uplifting; Peppermint - to awaken the senses again.

What I particularly love about this treatment is that it is simple, with an incredibly light touch, yet extremely powerful. There will be no pummelling of muscles or feeling of having been through the ringer afterwards. The pure oils applied to specific areas on the back and feet and utilising the energy channels (meridians) o the body,  provide an especially relaxing treatment. It is truly an honour to witness the way in which the oils can impact on wellbeing and to see the incredible transformation, rejuvenation and uplift in the energy of a client happen before my eyes.

If you haven’t tried this technique, then please do contact us to arrange a session. Or if you are interested in finding out more about the dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, we do have an Essential Oils Every Day class regularly. The details of all our scheduled classes can be found on our Events page. L&L 

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July 2nd, 2018

Colour Yourself Calm

Colouring has always been an extremely popular activity for young children. Aside from helping them to learn obvious skills such as fine motor skills, pencil grip and colour recognition, it is well documented that this soothing, relaxing and enjoyable activity can help to increase a child’s focus and attention span. It provides a sense of control and satisfaction of mastering and completing a task.

So, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise, that adults are realising that colouring is a therapeutic, relaxing and calming activity for them too. A simple yet effective aid for managing stress and anxiety and improving focus and concentration.

There have been studies into the effect of colouring. During one such study, participants were given either a daily logic puzzle or colouring activity for a week. An inventory of psychological measures e.g. depressive symptoms, stress, anxiety, flourishing, resilience, mindfulness was taken at both the start and end of the week and the results for each group reviewed. It concluded that: -

“Colouring participants showed significantly lower levels of depressive symptoms and anxiety.” 1

Colouring uses both the right and left sides of the brain and in particular the areas of the brain that help with problem solving, organisational skills and it enhances focus and concentration.  It is also the perfect activity for bringing more creativity into our lives and helping people practice mindfulness. Taking just one hour away from your stresses and worries can have an exceptionally recuperative effect. Plus, completing such a task with the company of others can magnify the experience and increase the energy and feeling of simply being in the moment.

The great thing about colouring, of course, is you can do it anytime any place or anywhere. Whether you are new to colouring or are already a convert, you are always welcome to join us at our colouring club. All materials and healthy refreshments are included in the session cost. It runs weekly, on a Tuesday 13:30-14:30. So, why not come along and give the cathartic activity of colouring a try?


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July 14th, 2018

Happy 70th Birthday NHS – my wish for your future.

On 5 July 2018, the National Health Service turned 70, it would be pretty difficult to find anyone in the UK whom it hasn’t touched in some way, or who hasn’t used the service in some shape or form.

I find that a milestone birthday is a good time to take stock, reflect on the past, consider the present and plan for the future. As a former Paediatric Nurse, I still have a real interest in our healthcare system, I am most definitely cheering her on from the side lines and without doubt willing her to succeed.

We’re all aware of the challenges the NHS faces right now as media coverage is extensive. There are funding issues, politics, targets that perhaps don’t drive the right behaviours, the rising costs of treatments, an ageing population, recruitment problems, the health and well-being of its’ staff and that list probably only just touches the surface.

I believe that these media covered issues all place responsibility firmly at someone else's door and that finding solutions may actually be a lot closer to home than we would think. I feel we can all play our part in giving our 70-year-old NHS our love and support, take some of the weight in order to lighten the load and help her relieve her afflictions and ailments.

In this age of having everything instantly at our fingertips I believe we have evolved into a nation who have become accustomed to popping a pill to quickly ease ailments; expecting quick access to the G.P. for any issue together with the ambulance service, or A&E services being available on our doorstep 24-7. It would seem that we have come to expect and rely upon someone else fixing us when things go wrong and that we have forgotten how to look after ourselves in the first instance.

I believe that making some small, but permanent, proactive changes in our lives like getting good quality sleep, eating healthily, exercise, drinking plenty of water and taking some time out to tune into ourselves and really start listening to our bodies and what they are telling us are crucial in order to do our bit to relieve the pressure on the NHS (obviously cutting down on alcohol and quitting smoking too!).

I truly believe that nature can aid with this quest. Whether it’s taking a walk in the fresh open air, listening to the flow of the river or waves of the sea, enjoying some really fresh food bursting with vitamins and minerals or using nature’s bounty of essential oils to help us with our health and wellbeing journey.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are tremendously powerful and effective and many clients can vouch for their ability to relieve stress and anxiety, boost immunity, help achieve good quality sleep, together with a myriad of other ways in which they can provide empowerment to be proactive with our own health and wellness. This new-found confidence gained can then also have a cascading effect and filter through to other areas of our lives.

Putting it very simplistically, if the purchase of a small bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil can have such an impact on an individual’s sense of self and wellbeing, together with the benefits for the bigger picture:

* They can help with a minor ailment, preventing non essential additional visits to the GP (a diagnosis should be obtained from a qualified medical practitioner) and probably the need for expensive medication,

* They can support emotional health needs,

* Freeing up appointments and subsequent pharmaceutical budget, which could lead to an earlier diagnosis and treatment of an illness for someone else,

preventing issues associated with late diagnosis e.g. longer recovery times,

* Freeing up hospital beds more quickly,

* Enabling better outcomes and relieving pressure on an over burdened service……

....then this is my wish for you dear NHS.

Love and Light


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July 30th, 2018

'The Power of Gratitude' – 3 Simple Steps to bring gratitude into your life.

There has been a growing trend and renewed interest recently in Gratitude and the positive impact it can have on our energy. It is a very powerful and effective tool as other than the cost of a little of our time, it can be easily achieved.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that helps us to feel better both physically and emotionally, reduces stress or tension and improves our confidence and self-esteem, but what exactly is Gratitude?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Gratitude as:

“The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Here at The Rainbow Rooms, I aim to keep everything as simple as possible so, I would like to share how to accomplish Gratitude in just 3 Simple Steps:

Consider what you are grateful for.



 Think about everything in your life and what comes to mind. Don’t judge, give gratitude for anything, no matter how silly or insignificant you think it may be. Try to come up with at least one thing to be grateful for every day, perhaps include Gratitude as part of your bedtime routine.

Write it down.

There is something powerful about writing something down and making it physical. Write down on a piece of paper, in your journal or wherever works for you, what you are grateful for and why? Provide as many reasons as you can why you’re thankful. e.g.

“I’m thankful for the yummy food for dinner today because it nourishes my body and gives me energy” 


“I am grateful for the parking space that appeared just when I needed it so I wasn’t late for my appointment”

Review it regularly.

Once you have written them down, don’t forget to set aside some time to review. You could look back at what you have written each week or each month and see what a great period it was for abundance in your life. Reaching for them and reviewing this abundance anytime you are feeling a bit low is particularly empowering too.

I found this great quote on Gratitude, by Melody Beattie:

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity, it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

I would really love to hear your thoughts on gratitude, please feel free to contact me here at The Rainbow Rooms.

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August 6th, 2018


The popularity and interest in practicing a daily Affirmation has greatly increased in recent times. People are becoming more aware of the power and benefits of a positive Internal Monologue, for their mental health and well-being.

Our internal monologue originates through our thoughts and beliefs within our conscious and subconscious mind. Often our self-talk is negative or self-critical and this negative self-talk breeds negative responses and behaviour. 

In the words of Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.”

Positive affirmations are short personal statements that can help us to achieve our desired outcomes. Our conscious and subconscious mind can be re-programmed to banish negative or self-limiting thoughts and replace them with positive statements or affirmations. When repeated over time, positive affirmations can permanently change a person’s way of thinking. It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months, but once a person starts to believe what they are saying then words can certainly become action.

So, what exactly is a positive affirmation? Well, here are a few of my favourite affirmations. Which one is your favourite? How about trying it and seeing how well it could work for you?

- I choose to be happy. 

- I choose to be healthy.

- I am grateful for all my blessings.

- I have the power, the intelligence, and the capability to achieve any goal.

- I can do anything I set my mind to do.

- I am capable and strong.

- I choose to eat healthy food.

- As I love myself, I allow others to love me too.

- I love the way I feel when I take good care of myself.

- Others may influence my decisions, but the final choice is mine.

- I am living my dream.

- Today I open my mind to the endless opportunities surrounding me.

- I treat myself with kindness and respect.

- I give myself permission to shine.

- I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.

- I can and I will.

- With every breath out, I release stress in my body.

- I am grounded in the experience of the present moment.

- I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.